Dissertation Innovation Management Consulting

Benefit from the insight and energy of our high calibre students by commissioning a piece of specialist research or consultancy. Our students gain valuable experience in applying their skills and knowledge to practical challenges in real businesses.

  • The team is composed by students in their final year and a member of staff.

Benefits of commissioning a student project

  • Tangible outcomes to your challenges in written and presentation format
  • Assess potential talent free of charge
  • Gain access to a compelling set of skills and knowledge backed by academic rigour
  • The cost is minimal: your time, engagement and commitment.

Types of project

There are two main types of student projects: group consultancy projects, and individual research projects.

Group consultancy projects

A small team of business students carry out research and deliver consultancy on a business or management issue identified by the project client, to produce, clear, practical recommendations. Topics range from broad, strategic issues to more specialist business matters.

The types of group consultancy projects are as follows.

Company sponsored dissertations (individual research projects)

An individual business student carries out an authoritative piece of work on a business or management issue identified by a project client. The work will typically take an in-depth look into a defined research area, and result in a substantial report containing extensive research, rigorous analysis and practical conclusions.

For more information, see company sponsored dissertations

To submit a proposal, or to discuss your needs with the student projects team, please use our online proposal form

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