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Watch the first five seasons of the acclaimed series, 'SUITS,' the show that delves into the fast-paced, high stakes, cutthroat world of Manhattan corporate law - where nothing, especially truth, is ever black and white. When high-flying litigation counsel Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) risks his formidable reputation to hire mercurial rookie Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), an irrepressible legal duo is born. There's just one small problem - Mike's a real-deal prodigy without a legitimate law degree! Walking the line between success and being discovered, Harvey and Mike bend truths to keep up the charade, staying one step ahead of their boss, managing partner, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres, TV's "Gossip Girl"), and their long-suffering legal friends and rivals. Surviving courtroom showdowns, million-dollar mergers, and strained relationships won't be easy, but for these two - making up the law as they go is just another part of the job. Enjoy all 76 episodes of this sharp legal drama that's so good, it should be illegal not to.

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  • Korea Południowa (Tytuł oryginalny) (zapis łaciński)
  • Korea Południowa (zapis łaciński) (alternatywna pisownia)
  • Miedzynarodowe (tytuł główny) / USA
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