Grade 6 Topic Sentences For Essays

Transition Words. Transition words, linking phrases, and questions show the connections between your ideas. Re-writing your topic sentences with transition words will make your whole essay more connected. I tell students that using transition words is the easiest way to bump up their essay grade.

An example of topic sentences using transition words and phrases:

Introduction idea: Recently, as we have all heard on the news, bullying and violence among school children seems to be increasingly on the rise, along with school shootings.

Thesis: Why is there an increase in violence? I believe it must be because children are watching more violent images at earlier ages

  1. As a matter of fact, because of new technology, young people have access to a lot more screen time than people of an earlier generation.
  2. Unfortunately, young people can't always tell between fiction and reality.
  3. In addition, watching violence desensitizes us to it.
  4. In consequence, some kids become obsessed with characters in video games and movies and sometimes act out what they see

Conclusion idea: Do we really care about our children? If we do, we need to limit the amount of violence children see on media.

I am so lucky to be working side-be-side with the creator of an incredible writing program this year!  She and a former colleague (who I taught 3rd grade with) created the entire school-wide curriculum, and it is so cohesive!  I'm LOVING it.  I love having something that I can turn to and an excellent scope and sequence for writing.  It's especially fantastic because, as a school-wide program, the kids build on what they are learning year to year... which is why when I introduced topic sentences, almost ALL of the kids were already familiar with the concept and the types of sentences we use.

You can read more about the writing curriculum here.  

We started off with a quick introduction lesson on topic sentences.  The Write Now Right Now curriculum has four types of topic sentences they teach, and they are great starters for kids.

Topic Sentence Anchor Chart
The four types of topic sentences we teach are If...Then, Even though, Since, and When.  They catch on VERY quickly to these types of sentences!

They each wrote in their notebook the four types of sentences (here is a picture of my teacher notebook that I projected on the board).   They wrote an example of each and they they also wrote their own for a different topic (recess).

Now, even though our overall topic was mountain biking, we had a discussion about what the specific topics that go with each of these topic sentences would be... We wrote out the specific topics for each.  The next step would be outlining the details to support the main topic.

The next day, we did an activity inspired by Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6.  Read her original blog post HERE, because it's great and covers so many topics!

Since I didn't have the same cards she used (or anything like it), I quickly typed up eight paragraphs.   One set of paragraphs included topic sentences and the other didn't.  Most of my kids were doing really well, so I only used the one without topic sentences.  You can use them however you like, but I designed them to be good for differentiating.  

I put one paragraph each on a paper bag and put them around the room.  In partners, the students rotated around the room, writing one of each type of topic sentence (as seen above).  Then, they put it into the bag.  So at the end, we had TONS of topic sentences in the bags, and the best part of it was that they were all unique! We pulled several from each bag to read and discuss.   Nobody saw other people's sentences until the end when we pulled them out, so they weren't inspired by others... This is also a GREAT main idea assessment. 

You can download the topic sentence cards for free HERE.  

Remember, there are two almost identical sets.  One without example topic sentences and one with.  Enjoy and good luck!


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